Main Event

Korenev Adds to His Stack

[user169806] • Taso 8: 300-600, 75 ante

Roman Korenev has just four-bet Steve O'Dwyer right at the death here in Deauville to add an extra 5,000 or so chips to his stack.

Korenev opened the betting with a raise to 1,200 from early position and it was a raise that received plenty of respect as the players folded all the way around to O'Dwyer in the small blind. O'Dwyer stared at Korenev before three-betting to 3,900. Aubin Cazals folded his big blind and the action was back on Korenev.

After 30-seconds Korenev four-bet to 9,400 and O'Dwyer relinquished his hand, though his face remained expressionless.

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