Main Event
Main Event
Päivä 2 suoritettu loppuun

Mantas Visockis Leads After Day 2

[user20283] • Taso 14: 1,200-2,400, 300 ante
Mantas Visockis
Mantas Visockis

It took six 75-minute levels to reach the end of Day 2. It sounds like a short and easy day but it was nothing like that. Many big pots, suckouts, and preflop five-bets later there are just 113 remaining players with Mantas Visockis on top with 522,200. Mike 'Timex' McDonald and Chris Moorman are also near the top with 422,100 and 380,300 chips respectively.

The day started with a bang as Martin Jacobson was quickly eliminated by David Vamplew and Matt Perrins lost all his chips to Mikhail Korotkikh. Both Vamplew and Korotkikh made it to the third day of play. PokerStars Team Online and former EPT Copenhagen winner Mickey Petersen ran ace-king into pocket tens and he was also gone within the first level.

Team PokerStars Pro Isaac Haxton found his seat today at the toughest table in the room and it was Teddy Sheringham who eliminated him. Haxton got his chips into the pot with ace-jack and that was not enough to beat the football legend's ace-king. Sheringham survived Day 2 with 87,5090 chips and he looks to be heading to his fifth ever EPT cash and third EPT London in-the-money finish.

Full Tilt's Professional Tom Dwan showed up as late as possible and with a stack blinded down to 10,200 he started this event. It didn't last long for the online phenomenon who was knocked out within his first level of play. Fellow high stakes regular Sam Trickett was eliminated early on, he ran ace-king into queens.

The eliminations added up quickly as Team PokerStars Pro Jonathan Duhamel was also knocked out. The World Series of Poker Main Event winner lost with jacks against ace-queen in a preflop all in. Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano and EPT final table record holder lost pocket fours against ace-queen and that means that he's still looking for his first EPT cash in Season 9 with just three events to go.

Mike McDonald started the upward trend about halfway through the day but at that point he was still far behind Moorman. The man that plays online under the handle "Moorman1" was the number one in the tournament for quite some time after he rivered a full house in a big three-way pot.

For the longest time it seemed like Team PokerStars Pro Lex Veldhuis was headed for Day 3 but eventually he ran into McDonald. The Canadian EPT Dortmund winner flopped trips against Veldhuis' aces and this pot sky-rocketed him to the top of the counts. The first player to crack the 400,000-chip mark was Estonian Matthias Tikerpe who knocked out Niels van Alphen when both players rivered a flush.

Another Dutchman was involved in a crucial pot today as Paul Berende was very unlucky in a pot that gave Full Tilt's Professional Viktor Blom the chip lead. Berende got his money in with kings on a seven-high flop but the Swede rivered his gutshot to take down this pot. Michael Tureniec wasn't as lucky as his fellow countryman and he busted to Team PokerStars Pro Theo Jorgensen with ace-queen to pocket eights. Jorgensen ended the day on 333,500.

Other big pros to have made it through to Day 3 are David Vamplew (150,000), Philipp Gruissem (129,700), Anton Wigg (90,300), Moorman (380,300) and Team PokerStars Pro's Jason Mercier (147,800), Leo Margets (75,400), Jorgensen (333,500), Sandra Naujoks (71,600), David Williams (134,000), Vicky Coren (33,800) and Marcel Luske (196,200).

Play will resume tomorrow at 12:00 PM GMT as we will play our way into the money! Make sure to tune back in to as we bring you all the live updates throughout the day.

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Official End-of-Day Counts (täynnä)

• Taso 14: 1,200-2,400, 300 ante
Mantas Visockis lt 522,200 12,200
Matthias Tikerpe ee 507,600 -2,400
Steven Silverman us 480,300 140,300
Mike McDonald ca 422,100 32,100
Shahaf Hadaya 396,600 6,600
Daniel Erlandsson se 388,400 56,400
Chris Moorman gb 380,000 8,000
Bassel Moussa LB 369,300 154,300
Matthew Michael Ashton 358,900 358,900
Christopher Frank de 352,500 92,500
Pasi Sormunen fi 349,800 317,200
Theo Jorgensen dk 333,500 68,500
Mikhail Korotkikh ru 317,800 14,800
Sebastian Mueller 307,200 281,700
Max Greenwood ca 299,600 -20,400
Albert Daher lb 293,400 73,400
Davide Suriano it 290,500 167,500
Nicolas Chouity lb 290,000 30,000
Jonathan Concepcion es 284,800 39,800
Giuseppe Sammartino it 272,300 211,700
Sergio Aido es 251,400 166,400
Salvatore Bonavena it 250,200 90,200
Jan Bendik sk 249,800 146,800
Rory Mathews GB 246,700 46,700
Manig Loeser de 242,100 89,100

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Life at the Top Aint Easy

• Taso 14: 1,200-2,400, 300 ante
Viktor Blom
Viktor Blom

There has been a bit of shuffling around at the top and Viktor Blom is no longer chip leader.

He was down to around 400,000 when he lost a 100 big blind flip to Nick Abou Risk. Blom's pocket queens couldn't hold against Risk's ace-king. He four-flushed with the {a-Spades}.

That happened on the feature table but a little while before on an adjacent table another huge pot played out. Toby Lewis told us how Mantas Visockis eliminated an opponent in a 400,000-plus pot with aces to queens. Six bets got in pre flop and Tikerpe's aces held. That put the Estonian up to 510,000.

Another player on 510,000 is Matthias Tikerpe. He's at a very deep table that contains Mike McDonald.

Matthias Tikerpe ee 510,000 94,000
Mantas Visockis lt 510,000 276,000
Viktor Blom se 280,000 -280,000
Nick Abou Risk 250,000 100,000

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Moorman Flushes Amot Away

• Taso 14: 1,200-2,400, 300 ante

On a {Q-Spades}{7-Spades}{4-Diamonds} flop, Pawel Zawadowicz checked and Chris Moorman bet 7,200. Mads Amot raised to 16,100 and Zawadowicz folded.

Moorman three-betto 37,200 and Amot quickly moved all in, Moorman obliging with the call.

Amot: {Q-Clubs}{10-Hearts}
Moorman: {10-Spades}{8-Spades}

The turn was the {2-Diamonds} but the {5-Spades} came on the river giving the Englishman his flush.

Chris Moorman gb 372,000 87,000
Mads Amot no Ulkona

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Theo > Tureniec

• Taso 14: 1,200-2,400, 300 ante
Theo Jorgensen busts Michael Tureniec
Theo Jorgensen busts Michael Tureniec

We missed the action unfortunately, but according to one of our Dutch bloggers Michael Tureniec was eliminated by Theo Jorgensen. The Team PokerStars Pro confirmed the news on Twitter moments later:

Theo Jorgensen dk 265,000 155,000
Michael Tureniec se Ulkona

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She Bengs, She Bengs

• Taso 14: 1,200-2,400, 300 ante
Liv Boeree
Liv Boeree

Liv Boeree raised to 5,000 in the hijack seat, Griffin Benger three-bet to 10,800 on his direct left, and the action folded back to Boeree, who called.

The flop came {4-Clubs}{8-Diamonds}{7-Diamonds}, Boeree checked, and Benger fired 8,200. Boeree tanked for a minute or so, then called.

The turn was the {j-Diamonds}, both players checked, and the {2-Clubs} completed the board. Boeree led out fo 13,000, which was roughly a third of Benger's stack, and he unhappily folded.

Liv Boeree gb 160,000 90,000
Griffin Benger ca 35,000 -13,000

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Wigg Granted Another Chance

[user20283] • Taso 14: 1,200-2,400, 300 ante

Anton Wigg raised by putting in a blue 5,000-chip and the action was on the big blind, Antoine Labat, who went into the tank. After a while Labat moved in and Wigg called off his remaining chips. The Swede had 37,900 left and the showdown went as following.

Anton Wigg: {A-Hearts}{10-Diamonds}
Antoine Labat: {9-Diamonds}{9-Spades}

The board ran out {Q-Diamonds}{J-Clubs}{2-Clubs}{9-Clubs}{K-Clubs} and rivered straight kept the former EPT Copenhagen winner alive. Labat is still sitting comfortably on around 230,000 chips.

Antoine Labat fr 220,000 -160,000
Anton Wigg se 83,000 -2,000

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