€10,600 Main Event

The Champ Is Gone

[user18957] • Taso 12: 800-1,600, 200 ante

Steve O'Dwyer has been eliminated from the tournament. Unfortunately we missed his exit hand, but we were able to track him down. Well, it wasn't actually so much tracking down as he was standing on the rail talking to someone from the production company.

O'Dwyer told us that he had shoved his last ten big blinds in with king-nine suited. He had five opponents to overcome but wouldn't succeed in that mission.

The player on the button woke up with pocket aces and wasn't going anywhere. O'Dwyer couldn't make the suck out and had to leave the secondary feature table.

With O'Dwyer out, just Johnny Lodden is left of the eight players who made the final table here last year.

 PlayerPrizeChips in the 2014 Main Event
1Steve O'Dwyer€1,224,0000 (eliminated on 2)
2Andrew Pantling€842,0000 (eliminated on 1b)
3Johnny Lodden€467,000134,000
4Daniel Negreanu€321,0000 (eliminated on 1b)
5Jake Cody€251,0000 (eliminated on 1a)
6Noah Schwartz€189,0000 (eliminated on 1b)
7Jason Mercier€137,0000 (eliminated on 1b)
8Grant Levy€103,0000 (didn't play)
Steve O'Dwyer ie Ulkona

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