Event 10: $5,000 Seven Card Stud

Vinh Wins One

John Monnette brought in with the {6-Clubs}, then called a completion from Huu Vinh's {10-Spades}. On fourth, Monnette made an open pair with the {6-Hearts}, and he made the small bet of 30,000. Vinh pulled the {9-Clubs} and needed some time in the tank. He stood from his chair — as we're used to seeing him do — and rested his palms on the rail as he studied the situation. He counted down his remaining stack to find it dangerously thin at just 180,000 chips. Three big bets left.

Vinh looked at his watch and mumbled something that we couldn't understand. It amused him, though, and we did hear him say, "Not sure I can win with this," as he looked down at his chips. Eventually, he raised to 90,000, and that was just what he needed to do. Monnette mucked his hand, and Vinh celebrated his correct decision as he tries to climb back in this match.

John Monnette us 1,890,000 35,000
Huu Vinh 285,000 -35,000

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