Event 11: $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha

Zhao Scoops Another

On a flop reading {3-Diamonds}{K-Hearts}{8-Hearts}, Damien Lhommueau made a bet from the big blind position and was called by Susie Zhao in early position.

The turn brought a {2-Spades}. This time, Lhommueau fired 21,000 into the middle. Zhao again called.

Both players opted to check the {8-Hearts} river. Lhommueau held {6-Spades}{J-Diamonds}{Q-}{K-Spades}. The dealer scooped up Zhao's cards too fast for us to catch it - but he announced, "kings and deuces," which was good enough to scoop the pot.

Susie Zhao us 350,000 50,000
Damien Lhommeau 300,000

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