Event 12: $10,000 Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'em

Day 2 of Event 12 Almost Set To Start

Eric Froehlich is making another heads-up tournament run

Welcome to Day 2 of Event 12, the $10,000 Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'em. A field of 152 came to play and after two matches for some (and three for others), only 32 remain with hopes of capturing the coveted WSOP gold bracelet. Many notable players remain, including last year's fourth-place finisher in the $25,000 Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'em affair last summer. Eric Froehlich brings his A-game when it comes to playing heads-up and following his wins against Ronald Crabtree, Jason Somerville, and Steve O'Dwyer, Froehlich has put himself into position to capture his third WSOP bracelet.

Here is the bracket of matches from the round of 128 until now:

MatchRound of 128Round of 64Round of 32
1T. Chen  
 V. BlomT. Chen 
2V. VongxaiburanaR. LengT. Chen
 R. Leng  
3J. Somerville  
 E. FroehlichE. FroehlichE. Froehlich
4S. O'DwyerS. O'Dwyer 
 Y. Timoshenko  
5V. Ruzicka  
 S. BaumsteinS. Baumstein 
6V. IluykhinV. IluykhinS. Baumstein
 C. Moorman  
7A. Esfandiari  
 I. HaxtonA. EsfandiariA. Esfandiari
8J. GodshallJ. Godshall 
 J. Mercier  
9J. Brikis  
 R. LyndakerR. Lyndaker 
10B. GreenF. KasselaR. Lyndaker
 F. Kassela  
11M. Perrins  
 C. MooreC. MooreC. Moore
12E. SionD. Sands 
 D. Sands  
13M. Jacobson  
 P. VolpeP. Volpe 
14V. RamdinD. DanchevP. Volpe
 D. Danchev  
15J. Andress  
 C. AnC. AnC. An
16M. BevandP. Ivey 
 P. Ivey  
17C. Guerra  
 S. DeebC. Guerra 
18I. YaroshevskyyI. YaroshevskyyI. Yaroshevskyy
 J. Dambrosio  
19L. Lacay  
 L. WolpertL. LacayA. Singh
20A. SinghA. Singh 
 A. Ross  
21A. Goott  
 M. WeisnerM. Weisner 
22T. VedesT. VedesT. Vedes
 J. Ankenhead  
23E. Patel  
 M. StoutE. PatelB. Hastings
24J. RumptzB. Hastings 
 B. Hastings  
25V. Selbst  
 S. ClementsV. Selbst 
26J. KesterJ. KesterV. Selbst
 R. Romanello  
27T. Marchese  
 T. BarlowT. MarcheseK. Saul
28K. SaulK. Saul 
 R. Fee  
29P. Kalevar  
 D. EliasD. Elias 
30S. KellyB. GrospellierD. Elias
 B. Grospellier  
31C. Katz  
 J. DuthieC. KatzJ. Gross
32S. TikhonovJ. Gross 
 J. Gross  
33S. Landfish  
 D. BenefieldS. Landfish 
34B. WoodsP. JettenS. Landfish
 P. Jetten  
35O. Busquet  
 J. JaffeJ. JaffeJ. Jaffe
36F. JakaD. Negreanu 
 D. Negreanu  
37R. O'Donnell  
 A. MakhijaR. O'Donnell 
38G. WolffG. WolffR. O'Donnell
 S. Winter  
39E. Beebe  
 J. CollopyJ. CollopyA. Robl
40A. RoblA. Robl 
 C. Wafula  
41J. Riordan  
 J. BonomoJ. Bonomo 
42E. KokkonenE. KokkonenE. Kokkonen
 A. Frankenberger  
43R. Minnis  
 A. KeatingA. KeatingM. Steinberg
44T. ReinhartM. Steinberg 
 M. Steinberg  
45S. Stein  
 E. SeidelS. Stein 
46S. GreenbergJ. MoJ. Mo
 J. Mo  
47B. Steven  
 G. LindB. StevenS. Kurnaz
48S. KurnazS. Kurnaz 
 H. Kaczka  
49Y. Sun  
 M. SilvermanM. Silverman 
50B. ParkerB. ParkerB. Parker
 D. Smith  
51M. Radoja  
 D. ColmanM. RadojaM. Radoja
52B. LambM. Mizrachi 
 M. Mizrachi  
53R. Rosenblum  
 V. ShchmelevR. Rosenblum 
54A. LichtenbergerA. LichtenbergerA. Lichtenberger
 M. Gonsalves  
55M. Charania  
 D. PolkD. PolkD. Polk
56A. GriffinA. Mahmood 
 A. Mahmood  
57A. Kuzmin  
 D. BenyamineA. Kuzmin 
58J. JuandaC. ChouC. Chou
 C. Chou  
59B. Sulsky  
 M. DrummondM. DrummondM. Drummond
60J. CodyJ. Cody 
 Y. Li  
61A. Gregg  
 S. ChidwickA. Gregg 
62K. BlockK. BlockK. Block
 B. Pellegrino  
63A. Guetti  
 A. ManserA. ManserA. Venovski
64R. LewA. Venovski 
 A. Venovski  

Each player will begin the round of 32 with 80,000 in chips along with two 80,000 bullets behind. The blinds and antes will be at the 1,000/2,000/200 level. Three levels will be played, meaning by day's end only four players will still be vying for the bracelet. Play is scheduled to kick off at 1pm local time, about 20 minutes from now, so be sure to keep it here throughout the day for updates on all the exciting action.