Event 13: $1,500 Limit Hold'em

Nguyen Flops Quads, Gets Paid

Action started with a player in middle position, and he came in for a raise. Men "The Master" Nguyen called on the button, and the blinds got out of the way. The flop came down {7-Hearts}{3-Hearts}{7-Diamonds}, and the middle position player continuation bet. Nguyen called, and the {8-Spades} hit the turn. Nguyen's opponent bet again, but this time, Nguyen raised. He was called, and the river was the {6-Hearts}. It was checked to Nguyen, and he put out another bet. His opponent tanked for a minute before calling, and Nguyen turned over {7-Spades}{7-Clubs} for quads. His opponent mucked, and Nguyen dragged the pot to get up to 52,000.

Men Nguyen us 52,000 14,000

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