Event 15: $5,000 Seven Card Stud Hi-Low Split 8-or-Better

Matusow Gone

• Taso 10: 800-1,600, 200 ante

The very next hand after Matusow relentlessly sent jabs toward Phil Hellmuth, Matusow found himself with all of his chips in the middle and was called by Clayton Mozdzen. Both players turned their hands up and their remaining cards were dealt.

Matusow: {A-Clubs}{7-Spades} / {Q-Diamonds}{9-Spades}{2-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds} / {K-Diamonds}
Mozdzen: {5-Clubs}{3-Hearts} / {6-Diamonds}{6-Hearts}{7-Hearts}{4-Clubs} / {x-}

Mozdzen made a straight and was able to scoop the pot and send Matusow to the rail.

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