Event 16: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em - Six-Handed

Esfandiari Can't Call

Antonio Esfandiari

We caught up with the action on a {K-Diamonds}{6-Clubs}{J-Clubs} flop, where Antonio Esfandiari was in a heads-up pot against a lone opponent. His opponent checked from the small blind and Esfandiari bet 800. The player in the small blind then check-raised to 2,000 total and Esfandiari made the call.

The turn brought a {9-Hearts} and Esfandiari's opponent immediately went all in for his last 5,200. Esfandiari tanked hard and studied his opponent.

"Do you want me to call?" Esfandiari asked.

"Yes, yes I do - that would be great," his opponent said.

Esfandiari then mucked and his opponent said, "No, I didn't want a call, thank God," in a sarcastic tone. He mucked without showing.

Esfandiari is down to his last 8,000.

Antonio Esfandiari us 8,000 -10,000

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