Event 17: $10,000 Pot-Limit Hold'em

Landfish Struggling

Steve Landfish came into the day with a big stack — the biggest one in the room, in fact. But this Day 2 has not been kind so far, and it's apparent that Landfish is struggling a bit.

A few moments ago, Landfish wanted to open with a raise. "What's the pot?" he asked.

"Fifty-six," the dealer answered — 5,600 to raise the pot.

"Eighty-five hundred," Landfish said as he mistakenly tried to over-raise. He seemed a bit confused, and he was forced to pull the overage back and make the pot-sized raise. He's no slouch at this game, either. Landfish finished 18th in this event two years ago, and he's cashed in five $10,000 events in the past three years. Two of those were final table runs. He certainly seems a bit out of sorts, if we're honest.

Landfish has seen his stack tumble to about 100,000 in the first level, and he'll need to right the ship soon.

Steve Landfish us 100,000 -124,500

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