Event 17: $10,000 Pot-Limit Hold'em

Antonio Esfandiari Eliminates Zachary Clark

Antonio Esfandiari raised to 11,000 on the button, Zachary Clark three-bet all-in from the big blind and Esfandiari called.

Esfandiari{A-Hearts} {10-Spades}
Clark{A-Clubs} {Q-Spades}

Board: {6-Diamonds} {5-Clubs} {10-Clubs} {2-Spades} {7-Clubs}

"Good luck," said Clark before packing up his things and leaving.

The ten on the flop moving Esfandiari up to 443000

Antonio Esfandiari us 450,000 20,000
Zachary Clark us Ulkona

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