Event 18: $2,500 Seven Card Razz

Gags Makes Wheel, Busts Doft

Mickey Doft - eliminated.

Mickey Doft: {x-}{x-} / {a-}{9-}{2-}
Michael Gagliano: {x-}{x-} / {5-}{q-}{2-}

Mike "Gags30" Gagliano completed with a five up, Doft called with an ace, and the two were off to fourth street. Doft led out, and Gagliano called. Both players received deuces on fourth, and that's when all the money went in. Doft bet, Gagliano instantly raised, and Doft stuck the remanded of his stack in. Gagliano called.

Doft: {8-}{7-}
Gagliano: {a-}{4-}

Doft was dealt a {j-} on fourth, Gagliano a {k-}, and seventh street was dealt facedown. Gagliano turned over a {3-}, giving him a wheel and the nuts, and Doft didn't even look at his last card, knowing that he was drawing dead.

Gagliano is now around 30,000 chips, while our hero Doft is unfortunately eliminated.

Mike Gagliano 30,000 4,600
Mickey Doft Ulkona

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