Event 18: $2,500 Seven Card Razz

The Icon Has Been Bleznicked

Bryan Micon

After returning from his penatly, Jared Bleznick completed with the {A-} only to have Brian "The Icon" Micon raise to 4,000, leaving himself just 300 behind. Bleznick made the call and then led out on the turn, which inspired Micon to call off.

Micon: {3-}{4-} / {4-}{K-}{K-}{6-} / (x)
Bleznick: {8-}{7-} / {A-}{2-}{9-}{Q-} / {7-}

Micon was out of his seat and prepared to make his departure after double pairing, but stuck around to watch Bleznick make a 9-8-7-2-A low.

Bryan Micon us Ulkona

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