Event 18: $2,500 Seven Card Razz

Pezzin Out

After a series of raises on third street, Pat Pezzin was all in against Barry Greenstein. The boards ran out like this.

Pat Pezzin{6-}{5-} / {9-}{2-}{q-}{3-}
Barry Greenstein{a-}{7-} / {6-}{k-}{5-}{a-}

Greenstein needed to improve on seventh to eliminate Pezzin, and he did when he pealed a deuce. Pezzin was also dealt a deuce, but that paired him, and he was eliminated.

After the hand, Brandon Cantu wandered over, and asked Sam Grizzle if Barry is a good player.

"Barry who?" Grizzle asked him.

Greenstein laugh. "Berry Johnston."

With the clock reading 34, we're now two spots away from the money.

Barry Greenstein us 45,000 10,000
Pat Pezzin ca Ulkona

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