Event 20: $5,000 Limit Hold'em

Great Value in Registering Late


Well, we might be just a tad sarcastic about that. The table filled with players who late registered is located just outside the tan section of the Amazon Room and it's filled with superstars. We feel very sorry for the unknown player in seat eight who will have to go up against these monsters.

SeatNameWSOP BraceletsLive Tournament Earnings
1Erick Lindgren1$8,457,544
2Shawn Buchanan0$4,678,970
3Greg Mueller2$1,989,989
4Mark Radoja1$1,197,755
5John Juanda5$12,378,559
6Nick Schulman1$5,118,771
7Huck Seed4$7,260,200
9Dan Kelly1$2,219,790

In total these guys have won 15 WSOP gold bracelet and their live tournament earnings add up to well over 43 million dollars! We're pretty sure none of these players is happy with this table, but maybe it's a good time to catch up, since most of them will know each other pretty well.

Greg Mueller ca 17,000
Huck Seed us 17,000
Erick Lindgren us 16,000
Mark Radoja ca 16,000
Dan Kelly us 15,500
Shawn Buchanan ca 15,000
Nick Schulman us 15,000
John Juanda id 8,000

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