Event 20: $5,000 Limit Hold'em

Prock in Struggle Town

Andrew Prock is on his last legs here in Event 20. A recent hand saw Benjamin Scholl open the button and Andrew Prock call in the big blind. The {q-Clubs}{7-Clubs}{6-Hearts} flop would see Prock check-raise and Scholl call as a {10-Hearts} hit the turn. This time Prock would lead and then call the raise of Scholl. Both players checked the {j-Clubs} river and and Scholl's {q-Hearts}{4-Clubs} would be too strong for Prock's {8-Clubs}{5-Spades}.

With that hand, Prock is left with just a couple of big bets.

Benjamin Scholl us 2,300,000 150,000
Andrew Prock 185,000 -155,000

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