Event 21: $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em

Nguyen Goes Back to Back

WSOPC beast Huy Nguyen has not wasted any time today. He's significantly chipped up in opening action. We caught Nguyen when he opened to 2,500, Jerry Wong raised to 5,200 from the cutoff and Keith Uchima moved all in for about 24,000 more. Nguyen called and Wong folded.

Nguyen: {A-Clubs} {K-Hearts}
Uchima: {10-Clubs} {10-Diamonds}

The board ran {A-Diamonds} {2-Hearts} {6-Diamonds} {A-Spades} {4-Diamonds} and Nguyen picked up the remnants of Uchima's stack.

The very next hand we saw Nguyen open in early position again for 2,500. Brandon Smotherman raised to 6,400 from the cutoff and Nguyen called. The flop came {7-Diamonds} {9-Hearts} {6-Hearts}, Nguyen checked, Smotherman bet 8,500 and Nguyen shipped all in. Smotherman tank-folded after a long pause.

Huy Nguyen us 120,000 111,900

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