Event 22: $2,500 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball

Agression Pays

This may be a limit game but an aggressive approach can still pay dividends.

  • Justin Smith has halted his bad start. He was in the big blind and called an under the run raise, along with the small blind. All three players drew one card before they all checked. The small blind drew two cards to the other two's one. Smith led for 200 and only the under-the-gun player called. Smith stood pat and his opponent drew one. Smith came out firing for another 200 and his opponent folded.
  • Richard Ashby is somewhat of a mix-game specialist and came third for $143,833 in the $10,000 Championship version of this event last year. He checked his big blind option after the small blind had limped. Both players drew three cards and the small blind check-raised Ashby's 100 bet up to 200. Ashby called, drew two cards to his opponent's stand pat, and quickly folded when faced with a 200 bet.
Richard Ashby gb 9,400 1,900
Justin Smith us 4,950 -2,550

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