Event 22: $2,500 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball

Tate Likes His Starting State

Brian Tate got dealt the winning hand from the off versus Von Altizer and Scott Clements.

Altizer two-bet from under the gun and Tate three-bet from the button. Clements called from the small blind and Altizer called two.

Clements drew two to Altizer's one and Tate stood pat. Both players check-called Tate's bet before all three drew the same amount of cards as the last round. Tate bet again and Altizer was the only caller before she drew one more.

Both players checked through the third betting round and Tate opened {5-}{2-}{8-}{3-}{7-}. Altizer mumbled something about hitting a pair with the her last draw and mucked.

Von Altizer 25,000 -6,500
Brian Tate us 24,000 6,900
Scott Clements us 7,000 -1,300

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