Event 22: $2,500 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball

News in Brief

  • Von Altizer's had a great start to day two and nearly doubled her stack already. She raised from under-the-gun and barreled into Brian Hastings who called from the big blind. Hastings stuck around and check-called two bets before he check-folded to the third bet from Altizer.
  • Stuart Rutter is moving on up. We caught up with him betting from the button and the big blind check-calling. Rutter opened {7-}{2-}{6-}{8-}{4-} and raked in the pot as his opponent folded.
Von Altizer 54,000 29,000
Stuart Rutter gb 38,000 18,600
Brian Hastings us 14,000 -4,900

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