Event 22: $2,500 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball

Ohel Randy

Randy Ohel walked back into the tournament area and then realized there was a hand being dealt at his table. He sprinted over and just snatched his hand in time. He's probably wishing he was five minutes late as the second hand he played he lost.

The action was three-ways and by the time we got there all three were still involved at the third betting round. Ohel bet 5,000 and was snap-called by Julie Schneider, and called at a somewhat slower pace by David Baker.

Ohel: {4-}{8-}{3-}{6-}{2-}
Schneider: {6-}{2-}{3-}{5-}{7-}
Baker: {7-}{4-}{2-}{2-}{x-}

Schneider scooped the pot and was congratulated by both opponents.

David Baker us 158,000 -12,000
Randy Ohel us 116,000 -24,000
Julie Schneider 98,000 25,000

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