Event 22: $2,500 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball

Flack Lazer

Layne Flack raised the button and Brian Brubaker and Benjamin Lazer called out of the blinds.

Brubaker discarded two cards and his two opponents discarded three apiece. The action was then checked to Flack and he bet 2,500, called by both players.

Flack now stood pat as each of his opponents drew two. The action was checked to Lack once more and he fired 5,000 into the middle. Brubaker bailed and Lazer called and then drew one.

The last betting round saw Lazer lead for 5,000 and three-bet to 15,000 when Lack two-bet. Lack responded with a snap four-bet, and this prompted Lazer to fold.

Layne Flack us 135,000 40,000
Brian Brubaker us 125,000 34,000
Benjamin Lazer us 55,000 -70,000

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