Event 22: $2,500 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball

Flack on the Attack

Layne Flack is crushing his table right now, no one else is getting a look in.

Brian Brubaker raised from under the gun and was called by Josh Arieh and Layne Flack in the blinds. Arieh and Brunbaker drew two and Flack drew three.

Arieh then led for 2,500 and both opponents called. Arieh stood pat and the other two players drew two. Arieh's lead for 5,000 only attracted a call from Flack who went on to draw one. Arieh had one more 5,000 bullet in him and Flack called again.

"Ninety-seven," said Arieh. It was no good though as Flack opened {2-}{5-}{6-Clubs}{8-}{4-}.

Layne Flack us 160,000 25,000
Josh Arieh us 84,000 -26,000
Brian Brubaker us 77,000 -48,000

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