Event 22: $2,500 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball

Arieh on the Up-and-Up

Brian Brubaker raised from the cutoff, Benjamin Lazer called on the button, and Josh Arieh defended his big blind. All three players discarded two cards, and the action checked to Brubaker who bet. Lazer called, Arieh check-raised, and only Brubaker called.

Arieh stood pat on the second draw, and Brubaker tossed one card away. Arieh led out, and Brubaker called. The same occurred on the third draw, and Arieh tabled {8-}{7-}{6-}{4-}{2-}.

He shipped the pot, pushing his stack to around 140,000 chips.

Josh Arieh us 140,000 56,000
Brian Brubaker us 58,000 -19,000

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