Event 22: $2,500 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball

Ohel Flirts With Chip Lead

Benjamin Lazer had the button, and raised. Randy Ohel called, and drew three cards. Lazer drew two, and Ohel check-called a bet. Both players drew one on the second draw, and Ohel led out. Lazer called.

Both players patted on the final draw, and Ohel led out again. Lazer released, and Ohel raked in the pot.

At that point, Ohel had 850,000 chips, and Lazer had 860,000, but Lazer won the next hand.

Lazer raised with the button, Ohel called, and Ohel drew three cards, checking dark. Lazer drew one, betting dark, and Ohel called. On the second draw, Ohel discarded two cards, and Lazer patted. Ohel check-folded and Lazer regained the lead.

Benjamin Lazer us 940,000 748,000
Randy Ohel us 770,000 454,000

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