Event 24: $5,000 Omaha Hi-Low Split 8-or-Better

Top Two Clash


From the cutoff Meng La raised it up and Joe Cassidy called from the small blind. Phil Ivey was in the big blind and opted to re-raise and both his opponents called.

The flop came down {8-Diamonds}{3-Hearts}{8-Spades} and Cassidy checked to Ivey who bet after which both his opponents called. The turn was the {3-Diamonds} Cassidy check-called another bet from Ivey after Meng had folded.

On the river we saw the {6-Clubs} and Cassidy checked a third time. Ivey bet and Cassidy called. Ivey turned over {A-Diamonds}{A-Spades}{J-Clubs}{4-Clubs} and scooped the pot.

Phil Ivey us 1,410,000 310,000
Joe Cassidy us 810,000 -190,000

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