Event 24: $5,000 Omaha Hi-Low Split 8-or-Better

Mizrachi Wins Two in a Row

Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi has moved up to 19,500 in chips after first doubling through Ashly Butler and then winning a pot of Alex Dovzhenko.

On the hand he doubled through Butler, Mizrachi made a set and the fourth nut low on an {8-}{7-}{3-}{Q-}{9-} holding {A-}{8-}{8-}{5-}.

On the next hand, he three-bet after Dovzhenko opeend and Dovzhenko called. The flop came down {A-Hearts}{5-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds} and Dovzhenko check-called a bet from Mizrachi before check-folding on the {J-Hearts} turn. Mizrachi showed the {A-Spades}{A-Clubs} for a set of aces as he was pushed the pot.

Ashly Butler us 30,000 -3,800
Michael Mizrachi us 19,500 12,800
Alex Dovzhenko ua 12,000 -300

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Boat vs Bigger Boat


We caught the action on the turn with the board showing {K-Diamonds}{A-Hearts}{A-Spades}{7-Hearts} and already some bets in the pot. Chiu was in the cutoff and checked to Burr who put out a 1,200 chip bet. Chiu called and the river was the {3-Hearts}. There were lows possible and Chiu check-called another 1,200.

Burr turned over {A-Diamonds}{K-Hearts}{6-Diamonds}{3-Hearts} for the nut full house without a low. Chiu smiled and shook his head after which he flashed his {K-Clubs}{K-Spades}. Burr took down the pot knocking Chiu down to 13,000 chips.

Melissa Burr us 37,000 3,300
David Chiu us 13,000 -6,200

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Mercier Sprinting from Event To Event

• Taso 9: 600-1,200, 0 ante

Jason Mercier is back two-tabling again today. He's in both the Event 23: $3,000 No-Limit Hold'em - Six-Handed and this event here. Mercier is literally sprinting back and forth from event to event across the Amazon Room of the Rio and building up a nice sweat doing so. He was sure to wear his running shoes today and not his sandals, making the moving a bit more swift.

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Duke Done Quickly


Annie Duke started off the day with a very small stack, and we just caught the end of her bust out hand. Duke had {A-}{2-}{5-}{6-} against her opponent's {A-}{K-}{10-}{5-}. The board showed {J-}{Q-}{7-}{5-}{9-} and Duke lost to a straight.

Annie Duke us Ulkona

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New to Omaha? PokerNews Has You Covered

• Taso 9: 600-1,200, 0 ante

Today's 5:00 PM event is Event 24: $5,000 Omaha Hi-Low Split 8-or-Better. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the game, you can refer to the PokerNews Poker Rules: Omaha Hi-Lo (8 or Better) page to check things out and get a feel for how the game is played. The page is complete with game rules, terms and also strategy links.

Omaha is similar to Hold'em in that it is a flop game, but instead of two hole cards, you receive four. The trick is that you must you two cards from your hole cards and only two cards, to make your best five-card hand at the end. This is the part that sometimes confuses people new to the game as they'll make the mistake of only using one card from their hand or trying to use three. Just like Hold'em, there is a betting round preflop followed a betting round after each of the flop, turn and river.

This event is a split-pot game, with half the pot going to the best high hand and half the pot going to the best low hand. In order to have a low hand, a player must be able to make a five-card hand with five separate cards eight or lower.

Shuffle Up And Deal!

• Taso 9: 600-1,200, 0 ante

The cards are in the air for Day 2 of Event 24.


Friets Leads Into Day 2; 184 Remain

Welcome back to Event 24: $5,000 Omaha Hi-Low Split 8-or-Better. Today is Day 2 of the event with 184 players remaining from the 256-player starting field. Heading into the day, Neal Friets has the lead with 53,500 in chips.

Located in the top 10 are Vitaly Lunkin, Richard Ashby, Antony Lellouche, Michael Chow, Pat Pezzin and Matt Waxman. They'll be joined by the likes of Phil Ivey, Jason Mercier, Jen Harman and Humberto Brenes for today's action as the field works it's way towards the money and the final table.

Speaking of the money, the top 27 places will be paid out a minimum of $10,348. The winner is set to receive $294,777. For a complete list of the payouts, check out our Payouts Page for this event.

The table and seat draw has been posted below and the action is scheduled to kick off at 2:00 PM. Be sure to stay right here for all of the live Omaha action from PokerNews.

Day 2 Seating Assignments and Chip Counts

4061Elie Doft24700
4062Robert Mizrachi8900
4064Yueqi Zhu42300
4065Michael Moore16800
4066John D'Agostino31300
4067Humberto Brenes21500
4068David Bach17400
4069Can Kim Hua14200
4101Nicholas Verkaik14300
4102Mike Matusow17700
4103Iakov Onuchin5300
4104Phil Hellmuth7200
4105Michael Noori23500
4106Bill Schonsheck8200
4107Michel Abecassis23200
4108Jeffrey Vaughn19800
4109James Dempsey36600
4111Neal Friets53500
4112Paul Sokoloff35900
4113Joseph Marchal15500
4114Christopher George30300
4115Phil Ivey38300
4116Henry Hull19500
4117Richard Monroe4200
4118Brendan Taylor47300
4119Paolo Compagno9900
4451Lori Berumen19400
4452Tony Cousineau33000
4453Ky MacPherson27900
4454Steve Landfish17900
4455David Rosenau30800
4456Tom Love7800
4457George Lind6800
4458John Rogers38000
4459David Bakes Baker11100
4461Perry Green11200
4462Thomas Dolan19200
4463Brian Nadell10600
4464Chance Kornuth29300
4465Ryan Lenaghan37200
4466Stephen Su2500
4467Daniel Weinman19300
4468Michael Vente29200
4469Joe Cassidy4500
4471Chris Bjorin2600
4472Jean-Robert Bellande28100
4473Chau Giang8600
4474Alexander Kuzmin16300
4475Robert Ferdinand18700
4476Justin Smith37600
4477Tim Sattler20669
4478Scott Clements6200
4479Andreas Krause37500
4481Lisa Parsons26900
4482Prince of Docness18900
4483Erick Lindgren5100
4484Jeff Lisandro9900
4485Lester Naquin11800
4486Kathy Liebert25500
4487Jorge Walker7200
4488Richard Ashby48100
4489Steve Zolotow25900
4491Marco Johnson22300
4492Annie Duke2000
4494Juan Carlos Mortensen9200
4495Bart Hanson21000
4496Brian Hastings19100
4497Kirill Gerasimov18900
4498Andy Bloch21000
4499Andrew Finkernagel9200
4501Allen Kessler32100
4502John Guth32200
4503John Cernuto6000
4504Barry Hartheimer23400
4505Michael Chow47300
4506Scott Bohlman38800
4507Jack Ernest Ward12200
4508Darren Kramer14300
4509Michael Jarmark45500
4511Tom Schneider29600
4512Raymond Davis26500
4513Lonnie Heimowitz14900
4514Dan Kelly12300
4515Daniel Ospina22600
4516David Nicholson26100
4517Todd Barlow16200
4518Eric Wasserson8800
4519Jon Turner32000
4521James Hoeppner13500
4522Tyson Marks40200
4523John Hennigan13400
4524Tommy Vedes11300
4525Matt Lefkowitz21300
4526Stephen Chidwick27400
4527Larry Elliot22000
4528Andy Frankenberger34800
4529Glenn Cozen10500
4531Dale Kunkel24500
4532Eric Sclavos21700
4533Michael Mizrachi6700
4534Allen Bari2100
4535Ashly Butler33800
4536Michael Kleist19800
4537John Monnette5800
4538Scotty Nguyen24500
4539Alex Dovzhenko12300
4541Stephen Ladowsky10200
4542Simon Kearney20500
4543John Racener8300
4544Lee Goldman18600
4545Dane Coltman31300
4546Sumanth Reddy3400
4547Scott Epstein22300
4548Travis Kubota14700
4549Jimmy Fricke38400
4551Brent Carter11300
4552Michael Dix13900
4553Pat Pezzin45700
4554David Chiu19200
4555Melissa Burr33700
4556Tai Nguyen20100
4557Vanessa Selbst37800
4558Antony Lellouche48100
4559Matthew Wood35200
4561Martin Corpuz2200
4562Scott Buller18900
4563Benjamin Yogel24700
4564Mihails Morozovs11400
4565Maksim Kvitko44900
4566Yuval Bronshtein36300
4567Meng La38700
4568Karen Longfellow14200
4569Chad Brown9200
4571Michael Wattel14700
4572Jennifer Harman4100
4573Jason Mercier8300
4574Matt Waxman44000
4575Jean-Paul Pasqualini11200
4576Did Not Report10400
4577Owais Ahmed25700
4578Robert Campbell12200
4579Christian Bowerman11400
4581Dylan Linde12900
4582William Fitzpatrick11900
4583Vitaly Lunkin50600
4584Sergey Pevzner15300
4585Laurence Kantor29800
4586Mark Gregorich7800
4588Scott Abrams5100
4589Frank Russomanno31900
4591Erik Seidel16000
4592Ryan Miller6400
4593Matthew Rosen11200
4594Jose Paz-Gutierrez1200
4595James Calderaro12300
4596Jeremy Harkin32300
4597Andrey Pateychuk33900
4598Jim Collopy25700
4599Greg Mascio17200
4601Dan Santoro26100
4602John Oshea38600
4603Robert Stevanovski12800
4604Bob Slezak15600
4605Par Hilderbrand25200
4606Ben Yu13300
4607James Bord27700
4608Roman Verenko35700
4609Anil Gurnaney6200
4611Mike Sexton11200
4612Ismael Bojang16600
4613Eric Crain30200
4614Chris Tryba38300
4615Mark Tenner40000
4616Dario Alioto3000
4618Todd Brunson35700
4619Kevin Mcguinness20100
4621John Juanda23500
4622Cameron Mckinley18000
4623Viacheslav Zhukov13800
4624Sam Feinberg21200
4625Gregory Jamison19700
4626Andrew Barber17600
4627Ryoichi Saito7100
4629Shannon Shorr24500
Event 24: $5,000 Omaha Hi-Low Split 8-or-Better
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