Event 25: $1,500 Limit Hold'em Shootout

Table 404 Update

When heads up play began at table 404, Millie Shiu had a commanding chip lead. Having just vanquished a top limit hold'em player in the form of Matt Matros, it looked like Shiu was on an easy cruise to the final table.

However, as the past hour or so of play has worn on, her opponent, Preston Derden, has battled back and gained the chip lead. In fact, Derden currently sits where Shiu was when heads up play began. The two have swapped spots with Derden sitting on 115,000 to Shiu's 45,000. Shiu is the last remaining woman in the field today and will have to win this match to give women everywhere a hope of taking down a gold bracelet for the ladies in this event.

Preston Derden 115,000 74,000
Millie Shiu 45,000 -65,000

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