Event 27: $1,500 H.O.R.S.E.

Where Have They Gone?

While most of the following players were eliminated during the last level of play, some may have been eliminated a bit prior to that. We can confirm that the following players were in the tournament at the start but have since taken their leave.

Carlos Mortensen es Ulkona
Chris Wallace us Ulkona
Brandon Shack-Harris us Ulkona
Marco Traniello it Ulkona
John Juanda id Ulkona
Sam Barnhart us Ulkona
Jim Collopy us Ulkona
Marsha Waggoner us Ulkona
Scott Seiver us Ulkona
Scott Fischman Ulkona
Bill Chen us Ulkona
Bret Jungblut Ulkona
Mel Judah au Ulkona
Xuan Liu ca Ulkona