Event 27: $1,500 H.O.R.S.E.

Mayrinck on the Move

• Taso 17
Mary Mayrinck

Maria Mayrinck's sense of humor has been keeping the mood of her tables light today. And our mood, for that matter. She's been moved around the room a few times, though, and that's what we'll focus on for this post.

Coming back from dinner, Mayrinck was moved to a table that had been playing five-handed. There was some discussion between a couple players at the table regarding her position relative to the button and the posting of the blinds when the flop games came around. Mayrinck was seated in the three seat with the button on her right as she arrived. She was still un-racking her chips when the floor stopped by to sort it out.

"A new player must move into the worst position relative to the button," he decreed.

"Why are you being so mean to me?" Mayrinck mocked.

Since she can't take the small blind on her first hand, the floor added that there would be one big blind to start the first hand of the flop games. "She can't have the small blind," the floor said flatly.

Maridu was offended again. "Hey! Do you see how they treat women around here??"

After a bit more discussion about the button, the floorman reiterated, "She moved from the worst position at that table, so now she goes to the worst position at this table."

Mayrinck interrupted again. "Would you stop talking about me like that?? I'm right here, you know!"

Just as we're typing, she's been moved again. This time, she's headed right back to the same seat she just moved from ten minutes ago. The good news is it's on the direct left of the sharky Stephen Chidwick, her good friend. She's got 73,000 chips.

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