Event 31: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em

Joe Cada: Four Million Dollar Man

Najib Kamand opened to 120,000 from the button when action folded his way. Tom Chambers three-bet to 325,000 from the small blind only to find Joe Cada push out a four-bet to 475,000. This was an insufficient amount to raise, however, and it was forced to be 530,000. Kamand got out of the way and Chambers called.

The flop was {6-Hearts}{10-Hearts}{2-Spades} and Chambers checked to the raiser. Cada moved 370,000 into the middle and Chambers mucked, awarding the Main Event champ the pot.

Joe Cada us 4,000,000 650,000
Tom Chambers 1,850,000 -600,000

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