Event 4: $1,500 Seven Card Stud Hi-Low 8-or-Better

Zeidman Zigs and Zags

Cory Zeidman is really turning up the heat in this level. He completed three hands in a row and won them all right there on third street. He got a walk on the next hand, and we just watched him play a little pot with Chris Bjorin shortly thereafter.

Bjorin was the bring-in with the {7-Clubs}, and he drew the {Q-Clubs} and {J-Clubs} on the next two streets. Zeidman raised third with the {J-Hearts}, then pulled the {Q-Hearts} and {A-Hearts}. Bjorin called a bet on fourth street, but fifth was too much. A big bet scared him away, and Zeidman chips up even further.

It's hard to count Zeidman with the way he's stacked up, but we eyeball him at just shy of 1.5 million.

Cory Zeidman us 1,500,000 250,000

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