Event 6: $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em Mixed-Max

Davidi Kitai Has Been Eliminated

There is an empty chair where WSOP bracelet Davidi Kitai was residing just before the break. Here is David Sands and Gavin Smith debating about the finer details of the hand.

"Doc, do you know how Kitai was eliminated?"

"He called a bet against Gavin on an ace, six, eight…there was a four on the river because Gavin hit a sneaky two pair on the river and Kitai had ace-king for one pair."

"It was an ace, six, nine, eight, four board and David is missing the fact that I turned a flush draw," said Smith.

"Please don't report the flush draw because there is no evidence it happened," said Sands.

"It happened," said Smith.

Well whether it happened or not it seems Kitai is out at the hand of Smith {A-} {K-} losing to {6-} {4-}.

Gavin Smith us 38,000 23,000

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