Event 6: $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em Mixed-Max

The Table of Death

Phil Ivey

We recently reported on "The Table of Death" and the elimination of Chris Moorman.

With people dropping all over the room tables are being broken and spots are being filled with players. JC Tran also made an unnoticed exit from this death table, and who better to take his place than Phil Ivey. Tran who lost a big hand to Kruglov must have slipped away when he couldn't make anything out of his shortened stack. Ivey is now more than making up for the void left by Moorman and Tran at table #4 ensuring that this is the toughest table in the room.

Although some of the stacks are a little low, the competition is high.

Kirill Kruglov 71,000 -1,000
Phil Ivey us 38,000 22,800
Jason Mercier us 9,800 -3,200
Erik Seidel us 4,000 -800

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