Event 6: $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em Mixed-Max

Duthie's Five-bet Shove


If we've learned anything about European Poker Tour founder John Duthie over the years, it's that he's not afraid to move chips around.

Moments ago, Michael Ferrell opened to 3,800 from middle position and Ronald Lee three-bet to 8,100 from the cutoff. Duthie elected to cold call on the button, and action folded back to Ferrell, who pushed out a four-bet to 18,500 (around 85,000 behind). Lee quickly got out of the way, but Duthie moved all in for around 73,000 total. That proved to be too much for Ferrell, who should expect much of the same from the aggressive Duthie throughout the day.

100,000 100,000
Michael Ferrell us 85,000 50,800

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