Event 6: $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em Mixed-Max

End of Day 2 Brings the Bracket for the Bracelet

• Taso 16: 1,500-3,000, 500 ante
Warwick Mirzikinian - Sweet 16 Bound

Day 2 of the $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em Mixed-Max has come to an end with 31 players gearing up for the chance to compete for a WSOP bracelet tomorrow in a heads-up tournament.

The day started with 112 players playing six-handed and play was scheduled to last until 32 remained. Interestingly enough we lost two players on the last hand of the night, and chip leader Warwick Mirzikinian will receive a bye in the round of 32 as a result. The bracket is seeded by having the largest stack face off against the smallest stack, the second largest stack against the second shortest stack, and so on. Here is how the final 31 will square off.

Round of 32 Heads-Up Matches

1. Warwick Mirzikinian (467,500) vs. 32. bye (only 31 players remain)
16. Michael Ferrell (184,000) vs. 17. Ryan Odonnell (153,500)

8. Sergey Tikhonov (294,000) vs. 25. Matthew Deluca (90,500)
12. Brian Rast (230,500) vs. 21. Toby Lewis (108,500)

4. John Hennigan (362,500) vs. 29. Anthony Gargano (49,000)
13. Adam Geyer (202,500) vs. 20. Markus Gonsalves (118,000)

5. Aubin Cazals (340,000) vs. 28. Eric Froehlich (64,000)
9. Marvin Rettenmaier (266,000) vs. 24. Igor Yaroshevskyy (92,000)

2. Fabrizio Baldassari (461,000) vs. 31. Tom McCormick (19,000)
15. Daniel Buzgon (196,000) vs. 18. Dimitar Danchev (152,000)

7. Joseph Cheong (307,500) vs. 26. Nabih Zaczac (78,000)
11. Randy Haddox (244,500) vs. 22. Konstantin Puchkov (105,500)

3. Aaron Jones (409,000) vs. 30. Victor Ramdin (47,500)
14. Hugo Lemaire (201,000) vs. 19. Robert Tepper (135,500)

6. Ryan Leng (335,000) vs. 27. Joe Tehan (67,000)
10. Nicolas Levi (253,500) vs. 23. Brock Parker (100,000)

With the elimination of 81 players today it was only natural that few familiar faces wouldn't be making day 3. Chad Brown, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Collins, Eli Elezra and Eugene Katchalov all made impressive showings before being eliminated early on in the day.

Joe Tehan again controlled the chip lead for most of the day, but as the night wore on his chip stack started to dwindle before ending the night with 67,000. Former November Niner Joseph Cheong went on a rush late in the evening to end the day with 307,500 and looks to face off against Nabih Zaczac who holds 78,000.

With the exit of Ronald Lee, all remaining players made the money. Once the money bubble was burst players started dropping fairly quickly. Unfortunately, WIll Failla knows the feeling all too well as two back-to-back hands sent him packing..

We return tomorrow at 1:00pm and will play down to the final eight players. Until then, goodnight from the Amazon Room!