Event 9: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Re-Entry

Huang Doubles Through Le

Derrick Huang open shoved for 287,000 and it folded around to Dien Le who moved all in over the top. The rest of the table folded and the hands were shown:

Huang: {5-Spades}{5-Diamonds}
Le: {A-Clubs}{K-Hearts}

Le looked relieved when the {A-Hearts} was the door card, but an expression of horror quickly took over his face when the flop was completed with the {3-Diamonds} and the {5-Clubs}, giving Huang a set of fives. The {9-Diamonds} turn and {J-Clubs} river were no help to Le and Huang was able to score a key double up.

Derrick Huang us 600,000 335,000
Dien Le us 545,000 -275,000

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