Event #19: $5,000 Pot-Limit Hold'em

"Where Are You From?"

• Taso 4: 100-200, 0 ante
Nick Jivkov - Bracelet winner

Nick Jivkov opened to 500 in middle position, and the action folded to Ryan Fair, who three-bet to 1,425 out of the big blind. Jivkov called.

The dealer fanned {5-Spades}{7-Spades}{10-Hearts}, and Fair led out for 1,675. Jivkov thought for a bit, then reached for chips, firing out, 4,175. This sent Fair deep into the tank.

"Where are you from?" he eventually asked Jivkov, who responded only with an icy stare.

Jivkov, a 2012 World Series of Poker bracelet winner, calls the Windy City of Chicago his home, and the Chicagoan snap-called when Fair moved all in for effectively 14,375.

Jivkov: {7-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds}
Fair: {a-Spades}{a-Clubs}

The turn and river came {3-Diamonds}, {j-Hearts} respectively, and Jivkov doubled to around 32,000 chips. Fair was left with just 3,000.

Nick Jivkov bg 32,000 17,500
Ryan Fair us 3,000 -13,000

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