Event #62: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event

Farber Crosses 25 Million

[user139916] • Taso 35: 200,000-400,000, 50,000 ante

Hand #270: JC Tran raised to 850,000 from under the gun, Jay Farber called from early position, and Carlos Mortensen called on the button.

The flop fell {Q-Clubs}{10-Hearts}{7-Spades} and Tran continued for 1,525,000. Farber and Mortensen both called, the {8-Diamonds} hit the turn, and Tran fired 3,150,000. Farber called, while Mortensen opted to duck out of the way. The {6-Diamonds} river completed the board and Tran took about 60 seconds before he checked. Farber checked behind and Tran tabled {Q-Hearts}{J-Hearts} for a pair of queens.

Farber showed {K-Spades}{Q-Diamonds} for a pair of queens with a king kicker, winning the pot and crossing the 25-million chip mark,

JC Tran us 33,700,000 -5,575,000
Amir Lehavot il 29,025,000 -250,000
Marc McLaughlin CA 25,675,000 -450,000
Jay Farber us 25,225,000 8,950,000
Ryan Riess us 23,100,000 -50,000
Sylvain Loosli fr 19,250,000 -50,000
Michiel Brummelhuis nl 12,625,000 -50,000
Carlos Mortensen es 8,050,000 -2,425,000
David Benefield us 7,525,000 -50,000
Mark Newhouse us 6,550,000 -50,000

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