Event #62: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event

A Breakdown of the ICM of the Final 10

• Taso 35: 200,000-400,000, 50,000 ante

When poker players are deep in a tournament, many decisions can be made based around the concept of ICM – or Independent Chip Model – which assigns a dollar value to your chip stack in a tournament.

ICM is important when making decisions as you approach the final table, and when you start creeping up the final table payouts. Looking at the final ten payouts, there is $27,235,269 up for grabs with $8,359,531 reserved for first and just $573,204 for the 10th place finisher.

Here is an ICM breakdown of what the final ten players could be getting if a chop was to be had through both an ICM payout as well as through a standard chip chop.

PlayerChip CountICM PayoutChip Chop
JC Tran39,625,000$4,169,117.16$5,040,711.93
Marc McLaughlin29,075,000$3,575,882.34$3,851,255.56
Amir Lehavot27,875,000$3,499,405.61$3,715,961.94
Sylvain Loosli22,450,000$3,124,294.37$3,104,322.06
Ryan Riess18,300,000$2,798,381.90$2,636,431.64
Jay Farber17,275,000$2,711,601.60$2,520,868.34
Michiel Brummelhuis13,675,000$2,383,211.13$2,114,987.49
Carlos Mortensen11,475,000$2,161,355.62$1,866,949.20
David Benefield8,575,000$1,838,168.17$1,539,989.63
Mark Newhouse2,400,000$973,851.10$843,791.23