$25,300 Big One for One Drop Satellite

Somerville Silenced by Koon

• Taso 11: 3,000-6,000, 500 ante

Michael Mizrachi opened to 12,500, but without realizing Mizrachi had raised, Jason Koon tossed in a blue 25,000-denomination chip from the button and announced 16,000. Bound to calling, Koon called before Jason Somerville three-bet to 75,000 from the small blind. Mizrachi folded, Koon pushed out a stack of chips to put Somerville all in for what he had left and Somerville quickly called.

Somerville: {A-Clubs}{J-Clubs}
Koon: {A-Diamonds}{K-Hearts}

The board ran out a rather sweat-tastic {2-Clubs}{Q-Clubs}{6-Diamonds}{K-Spades}{7-Hearts} to see Somerville sent to the rail as Koon climbed over the 530,000-chip mark.

Jason Koon us 537,000 202,000
Michael Mizrachi us 156,500 -27,500
Jason Somerville us Ulkona

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