Event #51: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Monster Stack

Taranyuk Doubles

• Taso 28: 30,000-60,000, 10,000 ante

Evgeny Taranyuk open-jammed for 255,000 and Thayer Rasmussen called from the big blind.

Taranyuk: {A-Hearts}{9-Hearts}
Rasmussen: {10-Clubs}{9-Diamonds}

The board ran out {Q-Diamonds}{5-Hearts}{4-Clubs}{4-Spades}{6-Clubs} and Taranyuk doubled through to 620,000 as Rasmussen slipped to 3 million.

Thayer Rasmussen us 3,050,000 45,000
Evgeny Taranyuk ru 620,000 -375,000

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