Event #55: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em

Only 17 players Remain in Event #55: David Jackson Leads Going Into Day 3

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David Jackson

On Sunday afternoon, 268 players returned to their seats in the Orange section of the vast Amazon Room, each hoping to make it into the top 243 finishing places so they would have some prize money to show for their efforts.

Once those fortunate few had reached the money, their goal changed to navigating their way through to Monday’s Day 3 and towards that huge $582,231 first place prize, the coveted World Series of Poker bracelet and a lifetime of bragging rights that come with being a WSOP champion

Over the course of 10 hour-long levels, the 243 players were reduced to a much more manageable field of 17 and these 17 hopefuls know they are only 16 eliminations away from being written into poker’s history books.

Leading those 17 players back into battle at 1:00 p.m. on Monday afternoon is David Jackson who bagged up a tournament leading stack of 1,487,000 by the time the tournament director called time on proceedings.

Also safely through and ready to make a beeline for the final table are players such as Michael Ferrer (1,146,000), Aaron Massey (949,000), former November Nine member Marc-Etienne McLaughlin (795,000) and Timothy West (633,000).

Of course, the very nature of tournament poker meant that a large number of established pros, familiar faces and “big names” fell by the wayside throughout Day 2. Reaching the money, but failing to punch their ticket for Day 3, were players such as John Eames, Alex Kravchenko, Matt Salsberg, Ryan Spittles, Steve Gross, Manig Loeser, Steve Gee, Eric Baldwin, Steve Sung, Todd Terry, Andrea Dato, Barny Boatman and Brandon Cantu.

Play in Event #55 resumes at 1:00p.m. and continues until only one man has each and every one of the 10,782,000 chips in play. Who will the champion be? Return to PokerNews.com on Monday to find out!

Day 3's Seat Draw

Table 446

1Georgios Kapalas554,000
2Aaron Massey949,000
3Paul Balzano171,000
4Jonatahan Andero914,000
5David Quang323,000
6Henrik Hecklen305,000
7Bobby Poe380,000
8Brian Kennedy192,000
9Timothy West633,000

Table 450

1Marc-Etienne McLaughlin795,000
2Michael Ferrer1,146,000
3Robert Allen242,000
5James Dorrance943,000
6David Jackson1,487,000
7Asi Moshe847,000
8Bernado Dias138,000
9Nicholas Nowak765,000
David Jackson us 1,487,000 137,000
Michael Ferrer ca 1,146,000 316,000
Aaron Massey us 949,000 289,000
James Dorrance us 943,000 543,000
Jonathan Andero 914,000 34,000
Asi Moshe il 847,000 227,000
Marc-Etienne McLaughlin ca 795,000 345,000
Nicholas Nowak 765,000 125,000
Timothy West 633,000 263,000
Georgios Kapalas gr 554,000 -196,000
Bobby Poe us 380,000 55,000
David Quang ca 323,000 93,000
Robert Allen us 242,000 -48,000
Henrik Hecklen dk 192,000 -208,000
Brian Kennedy us 192,000 151,500
Paul Balzano us 171,000 -169,000
Bernardo Da Silveira Dias 138,000 -42,000