Event #63: $1,500 Six-Handed 10-Game Mix

Zaichenko Takes From Coppola

• Taso 23

2-7 Triple Draw

Fabio Coppola raised from the button and found calls from both Andrey Zaichenko in the small blind and Daniel Zack from the big blind. On the first draw, Zaichenko picked up two new cards while Zack and Coppola pulled just one. All three players checked and drew the same amounts on the second draw. Action checked around to Coppola and he led out with a bet. Zaichenko called and Zack let it go.

For the third draw, both Zaichenko and Coppola pulled one new card. Action checked around and Coppola showed {J-}{9-}{8-}{5-}{2-}. It was no good, however, as Zaichenko held {J-}{8-}{6-}{4-}{3-} for a better jack-low. With this hit, Coppola is now down to just 40,000.

Andrey Zaichenko ru 330,000 51,500
Fabio Coppola US 40,000 -53,000

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