Event #65: $10,000 Main Event

Dinner Break; Isaac Baron Still Leading, Paul Pierce Dropping Dimes

• Taso 13: 1,200-2,400, 400 ante
Paul Pierce

The third level of Day 3 is done and dusted with approximately 1,053 players heading on a 90-minute dinner break with play resuming at roughly 8:10 p.m.

Roughly 230 players would be bounced to the rail this level as players looked to ascend up the chip leaderboard. 2013 Poker Players' Championship winner Matthew Ashton decline came in two similar pots when he lost with a straight and flush draw twice to be bounced to the rail. Barry Greenstein then ran his {A-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds} into {A-Clubs}{A-Spades} to hit the rail, before Ryan Riess' title defense came to an end when his {4-Hearts}{4-Spades} couldn't outdraw Steve Brecher's {9-Diamonds}{9-Spades} on a {2-Clubs}{10-Hearts}{2-Hearts}{10-Diamonds}{Q-Spades} board. Erik Seidel, Earl Barron, Ted Forrest, Chris Lindh, Kitty Kuo and Eric Wasserson would also join them on the rail.

Unfortunately for Jorn Walthaus, his day would end after he triple-barrel bluffed against 10-time NBA All-Star Paul Pierce. Walthaus raised out of the small blind and then barreled the {9-}{2-}{3-}{8-}{4-} board before moving all in on the river with {K-}{J-} only to have Pierce call him down with {8-}{8-}. Pierce celebrated by launching to his feet - giving his masseuse a small break — before returning to be seated behind a 237,000-chip stack. Pierce would end the level with 223,300.

Although chip leader Isaac Baron would have a quiet level, he still managed to finish on top as he takes 855,500 into his dinner break. However many players below him made a move up the leaderboard with the likes of Raul Mestre (825,000), Steve Tripp (755,000), Tim Roupe (750,000), Timur Margolin (712,000), Steve Chanthabouasy (658,000) and Martin Jacobson (597,000) all surging up the counts.

There's a first prize of $10 million awaiting the winner. While we wait for play to resume, see what players said they'd do if they were to win:

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