Pokeriammattilaiset jättivät kanteen Excapsa Softwarea vastaan - Ultimate Bet

Excapsa Software Lawsuit

Kahdeksan high-stakes pelaajan ryhmä jätti kanteen Excapsa Softwarea vastaan, syyttäen että Ultimate Betin aikaisempien omistajien työntekijät varastivat vähintään $20 miljoonaa pokeriammattilaisilta.

Kahdeksan pelaajan ryhmä, johon kuuluvat mm. pokeriammattilaiset Brad Booth, Tom Koral, Dustin Woolf ja Daniel Smith syyttävät, että he menettivät $2 miljoonaa pelaamiensa pelien aikana samalla, kun Ultimate Betin työntekijöillä oli mahdollisuus nähdä taskukortit. UB:n työntekijät pelasivat kyseisissä pöydissä salanimillä.

Syytettyinä syytteessä on mainittu 6356095 Canada Inc. (Excapsa Software) ja 10 John Does.

Syytteessä sanotaan: "UltimateBet (aka is an online poker and gambling website that has and continues to serve players in the United States. 6356095 Canada, Inc. (formerly Excapsa Software, Inc. or 'Excapsa') and Does 1-10 are holding companies, licensing entities, marketing companies, software firms, and individuals organized in or residing in jurisdictions throughout the world that developed software for and/or operated UltimateBet by and through which owners of Excapsa sought to direct and shield its illegal and fraudulent activities from courts, police, and tax authorities. Individual Doe defendants are owners, operators, officers, employees, and/or agents of Excapsa. While UltimateBet is not itself a legal entity, it is the vehicle through which defendants operated various conspiracies to defraud plaintiffs and the broader public.

"Since at least June 2003 and until at least January 2008 Excapsa/UltimateBet did conspire to and did direct, effect, and permit the theft of over $2 million held in plaintiffs' online poker accounts at Specifically, by creating and making use of an intentional a security flaw in the software, and with the assistance of owners, agents, and employees of Excapsa and its various subsidiaries that operated UltimateBet, defendants either allowed others to or did directly view plaintiffs 'hole cards' during high-stakes poker matches run at

"With the assistance of owners, operators, officers, employees, and/or agents of Excapsa and its subsidiaries, the cheaters were further able to change their online identities to avoid detection and to improperly funnel their illicit proceeds through various UltimateBet accounts in a manner that would have been impossible without insider assistance. Through these activities, defendants stole or caused to be stolen at least 20 million dollars from plaintiffs and other high-stakes poker players at games run by UltimateBet."

Syytteen nostamisella, pelaajat hakevat korvauksia heille aiheutuneista kärsimyksistä.

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